Wednesday, June 1, 2011


SOKOMUZIKA is happy to announce
Release by Kung Fu Junkie "Dance 2 the Light"
on Progrezo Records

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Kung Fu Junkie was formed by Earth Coincidence Control Office as a musical performance group for synthesis Pop-oriented electro music with underground theatre esthetics, space program, alternative literature etc. 

Since that time KFJ was formed as a pop-electronic circus of happy-sad chinese robots, urban shaolin monks, red lipsticks and smart drugs.

We Make Pop-Music.
We Dance to the Light.
We Dance or Die!

Progrezo Records 113 installment, comes from Tbilisi live-act band KUNG FU JUNKIE, featuring a pop-electronic precious vocal original track entitled DANCE 2 THE LIGHT, including two upfront versions from GARE MAT K, next to great remixes from VakoSolar Eclipse and The Forest.

To the ones who loves Royksopp, Zeigeist, Ladytron and Gus Gus, here you have a fresh and new sound!


- Original
- Gare Mat K Forest-Speaker Vocal Remix
- Gare Mat K Instrumental Remix
- Vako
- The Forest
- Solar Eclipse
- Porn Mix - Dance 2 The Night

Get your copy on the following link:

For more info visit:

you can listen to KFJ's other tracks here:

more about Progrezo Records here:
"Progrezo Records is one of the leading record labels especialized in avant-garde electronic music.
Established in 2006, PGZ publishes upfront releases in Vinyl, Compilation CD and Digital Download, featuring the most finest within the electronic music movement around the world, next to tomorrows best talents."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kung Fu Junkie - the FOOL Party + New Track

KFJ performed at Wakanda club Tbilisi, Georgia
at 09.04.2011
with a FOOL party.
here are few photos, videos will come soon.

You can check KFJ's new track "Go Boyz" for "Tabula Art" magazine's CD compilation
 Go Boyz!!! by Kung Fu Junkie

and here:

in nearest future KFJ will make a release at Progrezo Records, will perform at Georgian innovative pop-music festival "Electronauts" and
and the Tabula Art magazine's mini-fest and Summer Compilation presentation.
keep watching for new updates!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Forest with Vicki Lee @Night-Flight club

on 11 december 2010
Vicki Lee from Sokomuzika [Accidental Lover Boyz, Kung Fu Junkie]
is playing with the Forest
@club Night-Flight [ex-Night Office] - (right embarkment of riv. Mtkvari)

Enjoy at 11pm.

here's the Facebook event page:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kung Fu Junkie. Up-Coming performances

21:30. 13th November. 2010.
Kung Fu Junkie performs @Pur-Pur

facebook event: KFJ @ Pur-Pur


November 20.
Kung Fu Junkie @ Contemporary Electronic Music and Visual Art Festival - "Second Life 2010"
Chiatura, Georgia.

facebook event: Second Life 2010

Check for Kung Fu Junkie

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Newz - In a Funky Jungle

Baby Newz aka Chring [Accidental Lover Boyz]
at local tv Rustavi 2:
talks about ELY, Sokomuzika bands, his childhood
and sings about Magic Pistolaz in da Funky Jungles.

muSick begins at 4:37.